Image of puzzle pieces. Pieces on the left hand side are not put together. Pieces on the right hand side fit together. Text reads: Sector Alliance. THCVS logo in the bottom right hand corner

1/ Tower Hamlets CVS Updates

Map of Tower Hamlets overlaid with a turquoise rectangle with white text that reads: Neighbourhood Forum pilot project. Logos for Tower Hamlets CVS and partners for the project: kWomen's Inclusive Team (WIT), Somali Senior Citizen’s Club, St. Margaret's House, Social Action for Health and Civil Society Consulting at the bottom of the graphic
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2/ News, Local Events and Opportunities

Turquoise background with text that reads: Join us as we share the Rebuilding Trust Study by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Division of Public Health. This in person event will bring together residents, council officers and community leaders to discuss the findings from the study and implemented recommendations.  This will also be an opportunity for networking and hearing from communities. London Borough of Tower Hamlets logo in the top right hand corner
Dark Blue background with white writing that reads: AI-Enabled Faster Diagnostics: How the NHS can build for the future. Graphic image of an elderly man speaking and holding hands with a woman. nhe (national health executive) and sas (for the education and research communities in the UK and Ireland) logos in the top left hand corner
Green background with white text - BEYOND STEROETYPES - A lived experience guide to navigating support for disordered eating
2 speech bubbles. One containing a photograph of a woman smiling and the other with text that says "Just say Hello" with a waving hand. Text on a dark blue background that reads: Connect with your community, one hello at a time. To lern more and to get involved, visit: Logos: London Borough of Tower Hamlets, THCVS, Connection Coalition, Tower Hamlets Together and Well One. #justsayhelloTH

3/ Get involved / Have your say

Magenta Background with orange and white text - Women's Commission - Creating Inspiration, empowerment and equity for all women. Colourful graphic of the silhouettes of women's faces.
Professionals Survey – Working with autistic adults and adults with learning disabilities

4/ Training and Learning Opportunities

Healtl literacy levels in England. 43% of adults struggle to understand health information that just uses words - 61% of adults struggle to understand health information that contains both words and numbers. NHS logo in the top right hand corner.
Advice First Aid Developing advice knowledge in local communities - Logos for Citizens Advice, Advice First Aid, THCAN, Mayor of London, Island Advice Centre,  the London Legal Support Trust
Photograph of people fists showing solidarity. Text reads: Becoming an anti-racist health & care system. A learning programme for Tower Hamlets Health & Social Care Staff. Logos: brap, Tower Hamlets Together and Tower Hamlets CEPN at the bottom
Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Professional Champion course (white text on dark turquoise background). London Borough of Tower Hamlets logo in the top right hand corner.

5/ Funding

Photograph of a young boy reaching for a plate of food.
Photograph of City Hall and the river Thames coloured in green. Text reads: Shared Endeavour Fund - Standing together against racism, hate, intolerance, extremism, radicalisation and terrorism. Groundwork logo in the top left hand corner
White background. Title reads: North London Forensic Collaborative. North West London Community Collaborative logo and the NWL Mental Health, Learning Disabilities & Autism Provider Collaborative

6/ Jobs

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